Project Management

A project plan is inclusive of defining and authenticating the project objectives and targets, the route to achieving them, determining tasks and evaluating the assets, shaping the budget required and framing timelines for its completion. Project management furthermore comprises of a project plan In addition to a project plan, project management also consists of managing the execution of the project plan, along with operating regular 'controls' to ensure that there is accurate and objective information on 'performance' relative to the plan, and the mechanisms to implement recovery actions wherever crucial...

Complete Outsourcing

Outsourcing from Healthcare Solutions exceeds the client expectations from regular outsourcing models. HCS provides outsource for people , process and technology. With selected pool of resources , HCS outsource consultant with Unique expertise. Also HCS outsource business process consultants for process review and best practice recommendation and high end process based advice. With today's needs in Business Process Outsourcing , HCS partnered with many organisation to provide a controlled process outsourcing that cater for client organizational needs and reduce the IT investment cost overhead and resource management to enable clients focus on results rather than IT service.

Local Support

Healthcare Solutions dedicates professional technical consultants to provide the first line support from UAE , Qatar. The Professional team triages the support issue and provide the right educational guidance or configuration settings or right escalation for level 2. HCS with its experience more than a decade in Service Level Agreement management built outstanding expertise in issues management and tracking solutions to ensure strong issuing tracking mechanisms and right delivery of support process.

24/7 Hours Health Desk

Healthcare is the most critical support mission. It requires not only very serious commitment from all supporting organization management level but also professional team skills and availability to diagnose and support immediately the reported issues. Uniquely , HCS provides support around the clock for Healthcare organizations to facilitate the healthcare service and enhance the quality.

Total Healthcare IT Solutions

Total Healthcare IT Solutions, HCS Delivers a one-stop-shop for all latest technology in Healthcare and wealth of lessons learned from various implementation enables Healthcare Solutions to minimize delivery risks and compact project plans with professional expertise and international standards

System Integrator

HCS integrates and connects all your information solutions to one platform that integrate data, process and even people. Interoperability is the recent systems delivery challenge and ensures your investment done only once.

Healthcare Consulting

Systems implementation is a record in resume of every consultant in HCS. We hire professional consultant , train them , deliver knowledge transfer between produce provider consultants and our local consultants. HCS consultants have very special knowledge of delivered solutions capabilities along with local users cultural knowledge and talent in ...