Medical Fitness


The federal laws of the country abide us to undergo Medical fitness tests as required for the visa processing. Medical Fitness Certification Application is one such web-based solution used for screening the medical tests. This application can be used by any concerned person/corporate/typing centre to test the medical fitness of the applicants. The pricing amount of the medical fitness request is established on the basis of the order package pricing setup.

The application allows you to communicate with any software for the purpose of sending and receiving results by using the integration engine. It is capable of tightly integrating with any application such as HL7 based communication or a standard application like XML. It allows online payment options as it is able to communicate with payment gateway portals. It generates an electronic receipt for online payments and confirmations. Using the application you can print/ reprint the medical certificates or download them in the form of a PDF file.


Salient Features

  • Reduces Manual paperwork's
  • Easy and Fast Configuration
  • Database Compatibility
  • Data Transfer through web services and HL7.
  • Supports latest browsers (IE ,Chrome ,Firefox)
  • Notify customers through SMS/Email.
  • Works as Standalone Application.
  • Vaccination Schedule and tracking
  • Mobile Medical Fitness Centre
  • Fully Compliant with Cabinet Decision No. (28) of 2010 on Amending some provisions of Cabinet Decision No (7) of 2008 regarding MF Examinations
  • One time setup for Order package based on Job Type + Visa Type plus, the assigned prices will be picked at the time of online Applicant request.
  • Physician Module( Doctor Notes)
  • Corporate Module
  • Military Services
  • Tawajod or any VIP Services
  • Appointment Scheduling to Manage and Distribute the Load
  • Mobile Truck booking for MF Clinical Activities.


The application is integrated with following applications:

  • RFID Integrated
  • Queue Management
  • SAM or any EMR solution
  • SMS Service
  • Laboratory
  • Radiology
  • DNRD System
  • DEG Payment Gateway (DSG)
  • DED and Ministry of Labour

Note:- It can work without these Integrations also.



  • Order Package
  • Location/Diary Setup
  • Kiosk Queuing System
  • Mobile Truck booking
  • Third Party/Corporate Registration
  • Appointment Booking
  • Financial Module
  • Radiology/Imaging Module
  • Laboratory Module
  • Physician Module
  • EMR Integration
  • Alert Management Module