Dental PACS


Digital dental imaging software MiPACS is fitted with dental image mounts (FMX, BW4, etc. & custom) together with image enhancement tools, image analysis tools (i.e. measurements), image comparison tools, image annotations and printing/CD burning etc.


Salient Features

  • DICOM compliance
  • Equipped with hardware independence
  • HIPAA compliance and audit logging
  • Multi-site capabilities
  • Built for an enterprise-level facility
  • HIPAA compliance and audit logging
  • MiPACS installations typically range from 100 to 1000 workstations (largest is over 3,000)
  • MiPACS storage server is capable of network load-balancing or clustering
  • Built-in capability for replicating data to a remote disaster recovery site
  • Microsoft SQL Server database backend (can be clustered as well)
  • Available from any web browser that supports HTML5
  • IE9+, Chrome, Safari, iOS, Android
  • Presently catered to medical but dental images are supported
  • A dental-specific version will be available in Q4 2014



  • Offers device-specific image pre-processing
  • Extensive range of diagnostic tools
  • Import/export files in all common formats (JPG, BMP, DICOM, PNG)
  • Burn DICOM Media CDs w/ mini-viewer
  • Image and series-level comparison modes
  • Annotations and measurements
  • Familiar templates/mounts
  • Templates appear like the x-ray mounts for traditional film
  • FMX18/20, BW2/4, panoramic, PA/lateral ceph, general PAs, occlusals and more
  • Templates can be custom-built to meet the individual’s needs