Patient Diabetics Management

A web based solution; Patient Diabetes Monitoring Portal (PDMS) renders total report writer system along with graphical, tabular and comparative lab results review in Dubai diabetes centre. The primal objective of the application in caring for patients with diabetes mellitus is to wipe out symptoms and to avert, or slow down the development of further complications. A fully integrated solution along with HIS, pharmacy and lab systems, Patient Diabetes Monitoring System Portal simplifies physicians review patient tests results all at one place.

User defined templates, signed/unsigned indications, filled/unfilled forms, reminders etc. are all supported by the immense built and engineering of the web based solution. Tracking and saving of information also takes place smoothly owing to the intelligent built of the system. Microvascular (eye and kidney disease) risk reduction is achieved through control of glycaemia and blood pressure; macrovascular (coronary, cerebrovascular, peripheral vascular) risk reduction is achieved through control of lipids and hypertension, smoking cessation and aspirin therapy and also metabolic and neurologic risk reduction, through control of glycaemia.

The abridged adaptation focuses principally on the below mentioned aspects:

  • Pre-diabetes
  • Self-management education
  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Smoking cessation
  • Psychosocial care
  • Immunizations
  • Glycaemic treatment
  • Therapeutic targets
  • Diagnosis and treatment of vascular complications
  • Intensification of insulin therapy in type 2 diabetes


  • Security
  • Reminder
  • Graph
  • KPI reports
  • Appointment
  • Growth chart
  • Vital signs and progress note
  • Free text editor
  • Diagnosis (ICD 10)
  • SMBG
  • Patient flow



  • Cutting edge Microsoft technologies
  • Dot Net framework 3.5
  • SQL server 2008