IVF (Infertility)


  • The IVF application effectively stores the patient’s data in the software and makes the data easily accessible by the user whenever required.
  • The software requires regular updating and alterations should be incorporated - as agreed by the vendor, so as to reflect current practices.
  • With regards to Patient’s demographics, coding and appointments – the IVF application can be integrated with the SAM application.
  • The application is capable of integration with lab instruments through HL7 message; integration with SMS APIs in order to generate SMS to notify patients; Integration with PACs – the DICOM interface sends the image from the US machine to the application.
  • It has the ability to upload patient’s data such as files, pictures and images in relevant modules and functionalities and to retrieve the data easily when needed; easy access to check patient’s data by using the inbuilt software functionalities; Patient demographics.
  • The software has a diagnostic procedure that allows you to add, modify and review the results of patient’s tests and treatments such as MRI, Hysteroscopy, ultrasound, Hysterosalpingogram (HSG). Similarly, the medical screening feature allows you to add, modify and review the records of patient’s – both male and female’s – medical examination information.
  • It provides the ability to manually place the test orders by using the lab functionality feature. In addition to the treatment procedure of Preimplantation genetic disorder, all sorts of treatment are to be supported by the software.
  • The software also allows you to add or modify the treatment procedures in progress - being practiced during the treatment cycle. It also enables you to listen to the patient’s treatment that is being progressed under different cycle lists.



Appointment Scheduler Module

  • Allow managing of resources and their calendar easily and efficiently.
  • Planning the appointments for patients and enable view the appointments of the patients in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly calendar.


Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Lab Module

  • Allow manually recording of daily measurements of incubators, freezers, warm surfaces, refrigerators, etc.
  • Consumables tracking functionality: the software should allow monitoring the consumables batch numbers and their stock are used in ART lab could have impact on embryo and pregnancy rate.
  • Interface to RI IVF Witness System, the following data are exchanged:
  • Cryopreservation Inventory: allow the users to determine all cryopreserved materials in the storage tanks to be inventoried.


Workload Analysis Module:

  • The software should enable workload analyses in order to determine the actual workload of individual operators performing laboratory procedures, patient orientations, or managing stimulations.
  • It would help determine the timely sequence of events and identification of delays that might cause compromise of any of the steps in the patient management.


Audit/Trail Module

  • The software should enable the user to keep track of what has been accomplished in the clinic during the day as well as enable user to review details of all actions.


Powerful Analytics / Reporting Module

  • Take the measures of the clinic over defined periods of time and turns it into a vital intelligence out of the information you have in the system using KPIs
  • Clinical Pregnancy Rate.
  • Fertilization ICSI/IVF.
  • Cleavage Rate, Immature Oocytes.
  • ICSI Degeneration Rate.
  • Oocyte Recovery Rate.
  • Run KPIs (Patient Age Ranges, Batch Numbers of consumable Materials, Incubators, Injectors, Oocyte Numbers, Specimen, ART Type, etc.) for Embryologist /Clinician performing OPU, ICSI Embryologist, and ET Embryologist/Clinician.


System Administration & Security Module

  • Predefine the access rights for the users to log in to software functionalities and modules based on the specialties and the authorization will be given to them.
  • Provide access for statistics only to authorized members of the team.


Billing and Account Receivables (BAR)

  • All the visits types are outpatient.
  • Appointments are not charged [Zero Amount]
  • Initial and final consulting Fees are charged.
  • Tariff for services offered at DGFC are same across nationalities and validity of health card.
  • Lab and radiology related services are ordered in SAM, they are billed based on the Tariff defined for DGFC
  • Pharmacy drugs are placed and billed in the pharmacy system in SAM application.
  • Insurance is accepted and the discount and co-pay value are configured for the insurance.
  • Debtors with limit and validity are configured for DGFC.
  • Attendance tracking system is available; this is used by the quality department for evaluating the patient services.