Chronic Diseases


Healthcare challenges and opportunities, chronic conditions and management by means of interoperability across the boundary, intensive case management, general public use of their own technology to access care and self-manage and also through population-wide wellness programmer, that’s all that the application takes care of.



  • The minimum requirement of the application is a ‘simple telephone’.
  • No software development required.
  • Computer server hardware purchase is not required.
  • Operating and maintaining a server is not needed.
  • No special “box” required by the patient.
  • Minimum patient education required
  • Service is deployed within minutes.
  • The application service is supported in variegated languages.
  • The application is capable of being highly scalable.
  • Data is collected by way of a non-clinician calling a patient on the telephone and enquiring them with a series of questions. The caller can be an employee of the provider or the calls can be outsourced to a third party.
  • Patient responses are recorded in the system by the caller.
  • Answers that exceed the established thresholds prompt alerts for review by the staff clinicians.
  • All responses are stored in the database hosted on the internet and are available for reporting and analysis 24/7.
  • The provider can create and ask any questions they wish for any patient population and they can establish a unique contact schedule for each patient



  • The solution supports iOS, android platform and optionally supports windows phone, blackberry etc.
  • It eases the patients to access their medical details online and perform the following activities:
    • User management.
    • Viewing the treatment plan.
    • Record their test results using the paired medical devices.
    • Request for suggestions for diet and other critical conditions.
    • Send an email to the given email addresses.
    • View results in a graphical manner.
    • Set reminders for patients.
  • The solution has the facility to capture and upload any image from the mobile phone into the system.
  • The solution has the facility to print a given report from the mobile phone.
  • It provides a facility to share a given record or report with his/her consent to any partner/provider.
  • The solution is linked with an incentive program and continuously monitors patient progress. There are defined indicators to calculate patient progress in the system. The system gives provision to connect and integrate with third party incentive programs for the rewards.
  • The proposed system provides educational content to the patients based upon their medical conditions. The content for this system is provided by DHA. The system allows for targeting of content to specific patient groups as per their medical conditions. This should allow performing patient awareness campaigns.
  • The solution facilitates to present information related to test results in a diary format with the possibility of viewing one day, one week, one month etc.
  • The solution supports a variety of medical devices for medical conditions related to diabetes such as:
    • Blood pressure monitoring
    • Blood sugar monitoring
    • Pedometer
    • Heart rate monitoring
    • Weight scale monitoring
  • The solution facilitates to generate tasks and workflow execution if a particular event occurs, for example, if the blood sugar levels exceed the given parameter.