Blood Bank Management Systems

To manage operations in a blood bank is quite a task for any health care institution. So to make this blood bank management system feasible, MAK-SYSTEM International Group offers solutions for healthcare organizations in France and internationally with web-based software. It consists of ePROGESSA, a Blood Bank Management system, taking care of Blood Transfusion activities and plasma centers for managing Blood Plasma Collection. Not only that, it also incorporates project management services, training services for end users, super users, IT staff and referent staff; implementation of support services for hardware configuration, software development, validation and Go Live services; and the maintenance service such as patch services and help desk support. The company provides solutions for various blood banks, cell therapy labs, transfusion service sectors, cord blood banks, tissue banks and transplantation centers. The major purpose which led to the creation of e-PROGESSA was to find an efficient way for replacement of paperwork at the Blood Bank.

General Functionalities

The ePROGESA software solution has been specifically designed to meet the functional requirements of blood banks and blood transfusion centers. It can manage all the aspects of blood banking like Blood Availability, Search for Blood, Requisition, Effective Key consumables Inventory Management, Compatibility Tests, Billing, records of the entire blood bank process of the recipients and the donors, and Blood Camp Management with proper report generation mechanism with excel export. The system integrates diverse report types made available for insight, analysis, and legal documentation.

Task Specific Modules

The software includes various designated modules to deal with specific tasks. One such is called Online Blood Management. It is designed for process, store, retrieve and analyze the information about blood pertaining to the recipients and donors with inventory management like blood group availability in the medical center or hospital in the vicinity. It also maintains billing, accounting, reporting and registering and makes the whole process computerized and reduces human intervention leading to a less human error.

Another module will accumulate all the Donor-specific information like Donor Card Generation, Donor List with Biometric Interface, Group wise Donor Information, Group Wise Receipts, Antisera quality check, Donor Certificate etc.

IReport module powered by Jasper Reports Library helps developers and end users create visually attractive reports. Various reports related to components are available. All Reports provides filtering over many factors like Blood Group, gender, area, blood Camp, date of donation, donor type etc.

Then there is a module for Audit Trail to keep track of computer access and operations performed under a specific period of time.

Features of the Software

  • Reports Generation
  • Faster Response Time
  • Reduces human error
  • Backup and Restoring Facility
  • Excellent search options
  • Accurate and precise modules
  • Constant and efficient software support
  • Donor Form Management
    • The system provides easy link for easy edit or adding details for various sections of the donor form.
    • During form filling, the system notifies the user how much percentage of donor data has been updated.
    • intuitive and intelligent donor form for capturing details like Donor Questionnaire, Medical Examination, Blood Collection Details, and Serology Report.
  • Donor’s Information Management
    • Maintain Unique Donor Identifications. Track and maintain the information of the Donors.
    • Rejected Donor details management for non-healthy donor control and identifications and to control Blood transfusion-related diseases.
    • Maintain database to identify the patient record and unique donor id for managing the future list.
  • IReport Generation
    • IReport is a program that helps users and developers visually design reports using Jasper Reports library.
    • All Reports provides filtering over many factors like Blood Group, gender, area, blood Camp, date of donation, donor type etc.
    • All donor related reports are excel downloadable.
  • Serology
    • The system allows the bulk update for serology for blood units. Serology result for many donors can be updated at once.
    • The system allows for either component creation before serology test or vice versa. Based on the serology test, the components created are updated automatically.
  • System Components
    • The system allows automatic component data generation based on the component selected in the blood donor form.
    • The system allows bar-coded blood bag number entry.